The Doepfer A-112 Sampler / Wavetable Oscillator is a fantastic module. Unfortunately there’s only an outdated sample dump software available from Doepfer, which doesn’t work on a modern OS, so I spent some time with it, decoded the Sysex strings and wrote my own tool with Max/Msp. This enables you to send and receive sample dumps from / to the A-112, which should open up many interesting possibilities.

Download A-112 Sample Dump Tool (Version 0.9):

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 (12.8 MB)

Mac OS X Universal Binary (19.4 MB)

  1. *Although this tool is made with Max/Msp, it has been compiled as a stand-alone application, which means that you do not need Max/Msp, nor do you need to install the Max runtime. The Max 5 source patch is available on special request from Doepfer.

    Disclaimer: The Windows version is completely untested. Use at your own risk!

Revive your A-112!